Aima Baig & Bilal Saeed Live In Concert at Amanah Mall

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When it’s about party and fun , Amanah mall is best for providing thier customers a valuable time. They throwed a thrashing rooftop DJ party for kids and specially for couples .The DJ’s were amazing and they kept the party pumped up with their metallic beats and melodious music. The couples also enjoyed the best quality time and had alot of fun. Thier were variety of food stalls for the amusement of the families that were in the Haloween Party. The atmosphere was amazing and energetic. Families , childrens and couples all had a night to remember . Amanah is proud to provide best to their customers.

As the theme was halloween so Amanah arranged stalls for tattoing which was enjoyed alot by children’s specially.

The Halloween theme just added sparkles to the party, children’s were dressed in beautiful and funny outfits having fun and dancing around the rooftop. even the elders and couples had a marvelous time , the love was in the air and Amanah promises to keep these spirits up.Halloween , food and music all mixed up to make memorable night for our valued customers.The party was organized on 27 October 2018 on the eve of Halloween.

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