Meet & greet with the cast of Movie Lafangey at Amanah Mall Lahore

Meet & greet with the cast of Movie Lafangey at Amanah Mall Lahore

The movie “Lafangey” is a Lollywood-based film. This movie is a horror-comedy duo which was directed by Abdul Khaliq who is also the writer of this story as well. The producer of the film is a very well-known businessman Mr. Tariq Habib Rind. The leading cast of this movie is Sami (hero of the movie), Nazish Jahangir (Heroine), Saleem, Mani, and Mubeen Gabol. According to critics, this movie is a remake of the Telugu movie ‘Anando Brahma’ which was released in 2017. This movie was initially banned by the censor board. After final editing as recommended by the censor board, this movie was released on 10th July 2022 after Eid ul Adha.

Meet and Greet Session

On the 15th of July, the cast of Lafangey paid a visit to Amanah Mall for the publicity of their film. A meet and greet session was organized with the people who were shopping there. There are different members of the cast who were part of that visit. Each cast member came up with his/her message. Let us have a quick round regarding their messages.

1.      Sami Khan


Sami Khan – who is in the lead role in the film Lafangey and is also a pioneer in Pakistan’s film industry – came to Amanah Mall. It’s been an honor to host such a humble, talented, and leading actor kind of personality here at Amanah Mall. He also recorded a video message for his fans who were not able to come to the mall on that day. He convinced the people of Lahore to pay a visit to Amanah Mall as it has many attributes, like a trampoline, shopping, food courts, and Cinepax. He said that all of you must visit this mall for enjoyment and meanwhile enjoy their movie as well. Such meet and greet sessions not only help in the promotion of the movies but also increase the publicity of the place where such sessions occur. The lead role of this movie has requested people to watch this film. In this way, the people will come in good number and hence both the business of mall and production house will increase. Having such a great star among people will increase the popularity of not only the star himself but also boost the publicity of the film.

2.      Salman Saqib Sheikh


Salman Saqib commonly known as Mani is also in this film. Mani is known as a comedian actor and has performed funny characters in films and dramas in the past. The role of Mani in this movie is also funny with the help of which the comedy touch of this movie has increased. During the meer and greet session at Amanah Mall, Mani was also featured and met with his fans. People are very excited after seeing him as he is a very famous comedian and the youth of the 90’s is a big fan of him. People also took his autograph from him. He was very excited to see so many people around him. Like Sami Khan, he also recorded a video message for his fans. In his message, he requested the community of Lahore to pay a visit to Amanah Mall not only for shopping but also for watching his film. He also gave reviews about ‘Cinepax, Amanah Mall’ as he visits this cinema from time to time not only for his film but also for watching other films along with his family. He and his family have paid many visits to Amanah Mall for shopping earlier even before the release of his film as he prefers ‘Cinepax, Amanah mall’ over other cinemas in Lahore. By having an actor like Mani among them, people enjoyed it very well. He has a good sense of humor too. All in all, people enjoyed his company. To have such character among people will not only increase the publicity of the movie but also the business of the mall.

3.      Mubeen Gabol


Mubeen Gabol is another comedy actor of Lollywood who has featured in many Pakistani films. He was also present during the meet and greet session of the Lafangey Movie cast here at Amanah Mall. He is very experienced and a well-known actor. He shared his shopping experience at Amanah Mall as he has done shopping many times with his family at this mall. He also shared his experience of shopping here. In the meet and greet session, people were very happy to see him as he is very humble. People took selfies and his autograph as well. Like his other co-stars, he also recorded a video message for his fans in which he requested people to come to Amanah Mall to shop and watch the film. He told the people of Lahore about the attributes of Amanah Mall like branded shops, trampoline, and the food court.

With the help of these stars, the people enjoyed it very much. After this session, the crowd was noted to have increased when people found out through social media and news channels about this fun session.

Such meet and greet sessions are very valuable not only for the promotion of the movie but also for the publicity of the mall as well. With the help of this visit, the very next day people came in good numbers to watch the film as well as for enjoyment purposes. The authorities here at Amanah Mall are very thankful to the cast of the movie as they have taken time from their busy schedule to visit the mall to meet with people. In this post-Covid era, people were very happy by seeing their favorite stars among them. Kids were also happy as they were able to talk to those people who they have watched only on screens. The cast who paid a visit to the mall also watched this movie with the people who were there. In this way, the excitement level of the audience was over the moon. The reviews that came from people were very good and they requested the administration and staff to arrange more such sessions as they bring a very healthy atmosphere.

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