ZAMEEN.COM ARRANGES A FAMILY GALA DINNER AT AMANAH MALL ON 14TH AUGUST is an online portal for property, which connects different customers, agencies, buyers, and sellers for sales, purchase, and renting houses, apartments, and studios. It was founded way back in 2006. The founders of this company are Mr. Zeeshan, Mr. Imran, and Mr. Haider. Mr. Zeeshan is the CEO of this company as well. They have a parent company Emerging Market Property Group, which has business in almost 16 countries around the globe. There are almost 3500+ employees also working in different sectors under the banner of These employees include developers, property advisors, consultants, and engineers. By the induction of in the field of property, people now have invested towards property. As this company has gained the trust of the people. They not only sale or purchase the property but also provide different ideas with the help of which people can make long term and short-term investment. is a trusted brand of property in Pakistan. It is one of the most popular brands that have developed interest in the minds of people with a very shorter time. They have different consultants and representatives who give your ideas about investment in the property. and their team always interact with the people through different events. These events include meet and greet sessions, gala dinner, and other activities for kids. Apart from all these has also provide sponsorship in various events in Pakistan, especially related to cricket. By doing these small steps, has become more popular day by day. Such kind of events are very essential from the business perspective as people can trust these companies more by making investment through them. People now-a-days find those companies who are reliable, and one can trust them with their money or investment. These kinds of events developed the trust of people and hence, it can be beneficial both for the company and the investor as well.

In the same way, on 14th August 2022, has arranged a Family Gala at Amanah Residence and Amanah Mall Lahore. The main motive behind this Family gala is the interaction of different communities of Pakistan and to provide an atmosphere where they can share different ideas with each other. In these hard times, when inflation, floods, and COVID made an impact on the lives of people these events are encouraging as well to engage people in other activities.  This event is not only for the publicity of but also to provide awareness among the people about the investment in property. People of Lahore wants entertainment. They want a proper place where they not only eat good food but also a place where their kids can enjoy. This family gala is all in one as they have provide discount on different food items, kids play areas, and at the same time investment ideas from the experts.

A family gala was hosted by at Amanah Mall’s food court. There are different food stalls for families, adventures for kids, along with the publicity of as well. People of Lahore visited in a great number at Amanah Mall for this event. wants to celebrate Independence Day with the people of Lahore and their families, and Lahori’s comes with their families and enjoy the Gala at their fullest. Different discounts have been provided on food items, clothing, and perfume stores which interacts people. There are also places for kids as well where they have enjoyed with national songs, taking pictures, balloons, flags, and face painting. These kind of extracurricular activities helps not only in the grooming of the children but also increase their confidence level and helps them to excel better in life. By attending such events the children can learn about the investment and property as well. The further details of this event has shown in the next paragraphs.

The main purpose of choosing Amanah Mall for this event is because they have proper sitting area and food court. There are proper places where kids can enjoy. In the family Gala there are Pet show as well, which was source of attraction for kids. Not only kids but also adults have also enjoyed different birds displayed in the Family gala. has sponsored various discounts as well in different stores of Amanah Mall as well which attracted many communities and families towards this family Gala and the event have come out as a success. Also, there are different trampolines for kids as well. There is also different food stall especially Turkish Ice-cream stall which attract many people towards him.

Since its start’s motive is to provide awareness to the people of Pakistan about the investment in property. With the help of, many people have invested rightly and timely in property and take full advantage. By having this Family Gala, the representatives of has provided various free of cost ideas to the communities who have attended this gala. In this way, not only entertainment was provided to the people but also, they have got useful information about the investment as well. This kind of events helps to not only increase the publicity of the brand but also, they have made trust in people’s mind.

This event not only helps to increase the publicity of but also increases the publicity of Amanah Mall as well. Amanah Mall merging with different companies to arrange such events can helps to increase the popularity of Amanah Mall as well. People have visited Amanah Mall during such events and after the event they have regularly visited the mall in this way, the business of the mall has increased. After the event there is cake cutting ceremony also as the day was Independence day of Pakistan. People have enjoyed along with their kids first shopping, meeting each other, eating discounted foods, and at the end kids have enjoyed the cake have offered them. Overall it was a good event for a refreshing environment.

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