Falak Shabir & Tik Tokers at Amanah Mall

Falak Shabir & Tik Tokers at Amanah Mall

Amanah mall has been the platform where people can meet their favorite celebrities. For this purpose, they organized a mesmerizing event on the 30thJune, 2019 with a well-known singer of PakistanFalak Shabirand most popular and talented tik tokers who have made a hell lot of fans throughout the country. This event brought together a large number of audience. This was certainly the night for the people to enjoy and relish the pleasure of beautiful voice of Falak Shabir.


The stage was all set and soon the tik tokers started to arrive one by one and engaged the crowd. They also had a selfie session with their fans who have been watching and following their work. Few moments later, Falak Shabir arrived and the event started officially. He built a thrilling energy in the people compelling them to dance with the pace of his songs. He was creating a plethora of pleasure among the crowd. The moment of the night came when the tik tokers joined falak shabir on the stage and enhanced the beauty of the night full of energy. People enjoyed throughout the night along with their favorite celebrities and it was a great success for us to pull out that kind of event.


I hope that you enjoyed the coverage of this event. Stay tuned for the upcoming events. Until then, see you folks!

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