Amanah Mall always tries to engage with the people in best of its ways. In this regard, they organized a fun filled New Year’s Night on Tuesday, 31stDecember, 2019. It was an event to welcome the upcoming year with celebrations and festivity.  As expected, this event summoned a large number of people from Lahore and surrounding areas. This event started with the musical performances, followed by beautiful fireworks display. Surely, a night for the people especially for the families to jump out from the boundaries of work to explore something entertaining and exciting at the same time.

Musical night with Sahir Ali Bagga


To increase the charm and festivity of the nightSahir Ali Baggacreated an aura of his melodious voice in the atmosphere to make the chilling night enthusiastically electrifying. The stage was all set dispersing colored lights flashing on and off in time to the music. His songs compelled the people to move with the pace of his voice. A large number of masses gathered together to savor the heart throbbing harmony.

Fireworks Display


Fireworks are a must contribution in New Year events to make the environment more delightful and overwhelming. It was surely something which people preferred to witness. When the clock struck twelve, fireworks burst through the dark foggy night, fiery blooms amongst the stars creating an everlasting impact on people’s mind. They sent hot sparks into the cool night air. This was certainly something spectacular and awe-inspiring.

People were thrilled and delighted to see such a glamorous and ravishing night. This was certainly a lovely start to the New Year and also a fun filled night for the people to remember always. Amanah Mall is best for providing value time to the people.

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