Parey Hut Love Cast Meet & Greet at Amanah Mall

Parey Hut Love Cast Meet & Greet at Amanah Mall

One of the upcoming Pakistani movies, Parey Hut Love is making rounds everywhere due to its star-studded cast. The movie slated to be released on Eid-ul-Azha 2019. Here’s a film that is headlined by a great-looking, all-star cast — Sheheryar Munawwar (who is also the producer), Maya Ali, Ahmad Ali Butt, Zara Noor Abbas (who is fresh off the success of ‘Chhalawa’), Mahira Khan and, in cameo appearances, Fawad Khan, Meera, Sonya Jehan, Shahbaz Shigri, and top model Cybil Chaudhry — the likes of whom haven’t come together on a single project in many years.


Their presence alone should ensure a bumper opening at the box office. And when your favourite people are seen on screen doing things that would warm the cockles of your heart, there’s no stopping the movie. Parey Hut Love’s’ trailer successfully baits the audience with the promise of a breezy love story, sprinkled with some deftly executed, rich kids’ wedding sequences


just like in the past, Amanah Mall again provided an opportunity for the fans to meet their favorite stars. They planned a meet and greet the celebrities on 3rd August, of the movie “PAREY HUT LOVE”.  It is a Pakistani romantic comedy film, directed by Asim Raza and written by Imran Aslam. It stars celebrities like Sheheryar Munawar, Maya Ali, and Zara Noor Abbas. The meet and greet event started off as the stars arrived at the Amanah Mall. The fans were full of energy and really excited after seeing the cast. It was hell of fun event. A question answer session was also held, in which the cast answered all the questions coming from the public. They fetched the attention of the audience towards the movie, by telling its plot. The people remained completely engaged with the celebrities and had an amazing time. The event was a complete success and a win-win situation for all. Stay tuned to know about the upcoming events.


The Pakistan Film Industry has been rising at a superfast speed over the last decade.  They have been releasing some brilliant movies that were loved by the fans and had great reviews. Apart from the efforts that the industry has made, a lot of platforms have helped them throughout their campaign for the movies and Amanah Mall stands out from all of them.

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