As we are living through this pandemic which has affected the world in the worst of its ways either on lower or higher grounds. It has dodged the world’s structure economically, financially and politically. Where it has affected the lives of people, it has also caused a major downfall in the businesses of lower and higher scale. We’ve seen the impacts coronavirus has had on retailers

Malls are typically built around anchor stores that occupy multiple floors and tens of thousands of square feet. All the smaller stores in between that sell clothing or jewelry or hot pretzels rely on those anchors to bring in customers. During this pandemic situation all the shopping malls are closed in order to maintain social distancing and keeping in concern the lives of people as shopping malls are the most visited and crowded places.

Different shopping brands have started their business online keeping in view their sales. During this situation government announced the lifting up of lockdown despite a steep rise in the number of COVID-19 cases. People were seen not following the guidelines given by the government so, keeping in view this condition many markets were sealed in different areas of the country.

Almost all leading malls of the country have waived April rents for retail shopkeepers, with some even giving discounts on March and May rents. According to details, the country’s two main retail bodies — the Pakistan Retail Business Council (PRBC) and the Chain Store Association of Pakistan (CAP), which are usually never on the same page, have jointly written letters to different high-end shopping malls as well as their individual landlords, asking them to give rent relief to retail businesses during the lockdown period.

The government of Pakistan announced Eid holidays keeping in view the condition of businesses they allowed shopping malls to open. During this whole situation people were seen not following the SOPs. In malls, people were seen following the guidelines and instructions given to them by the mall management. But, still there were not so much increase in the sales of brands.

Amanah mall is also the most visited retail shopping mall in Lahore and is also contributing to maintain social distancing during this pandemic. It is closed due to this alarming situation these days.  People are facing challenging situations during this critical time. In this dire need it is time for us to stand and help each other.

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