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Defacto is one of the leading brands in apparels and fashion.As DeFacto, we have taken our place among the leading brands in the apparel and fashion sectors in Turkey since the day we opened our first store in 2005. With 324 domestic stores and 123 stores abroad, we continue our path as one of the top three companies in our sector in Turkey as of the end of 2017

We as DeFacto have stores in 27 countries including Kazakhstan, Iraq, Egypt, Belarus, Morocco, Tunisia and Pakistan.In addition to our design products, we offer our customers unique innovative and recycled collections such as DeFacto Inova and DeFacto Eco, which were born out of our innovation and R&D investments.They have opened their biggest store in Amanah Mall Lahore on October 2017. So don’t waste further time and rush to Amanah Mall to get latest variety of all Defacto products.