Time:- 2:40PM | 5:50PM | 10:45PM

Time:- 12:15PM | 5:10PM | 8:20PM

Movies are a entertainment source for every age group in our country and they also play a important role in setting fashion trends of a country, Amanah Mall have opened state of the art cinema for their customers.

Our cinema have 4 screens which are categorized as GOLD(1) and SILVER(3).Gold Screen is for the 3-D films and silver screen is for normal films with hd quality and Dolby Sound Systems.Collectively Amanah’s Cinepax can accommodate 865 persons.

Here you can find all genres that you can imagine, from Hollywood to Bollywood, from blockbusters to art house, movie festivals and presentations with stars and celebrities Amanah Mall is the place for you.

There is also a popcorn bar and fresh juice bar for the customers in the waiting lounge. Online booking is also available on the website.

In short, everything you want from a movie theater is here at Cinema City. So, welcome to the city of movies that embodies the dreams of moviegoers!